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high quality rubber products

Maxan Corporation Pvt. Ltd. has forayed into manufacturing of Crumb Rubber Devulcanised Rubber and Reclaim Rubber..

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Eco Friendly Mission

To generate eco-friendly resources through recycling waste rubber..

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Go Green Vision

Diversification in different variants of reclaimed and crumb rubber.

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Welcome to Maxan Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

Earth, the only green planet in the galaxy is facing several environmental hazards. Several non-degradable wastes are dotting the earth due to indiscriminate exploitation of the natural resources and indiscreet dumping of the products obtained from them.

Scrap Tires are one of those products which have become a cause of worry around the world due to their hazardous impact on the environment due to their careless stacking.

Maxan Corporation Pvt. Ltd. has stepped forward in this field of recycling rubber to obtain its variants in the form of reclaim rubber and crumb rubber which can be further utilized as a raw material for manufacturing wide variety of products. The company firmly believes that today the necessity is to strictly conserve the natural resources by following the policy of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Eco Friendly Products